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 Grace  Bonilla   La Puente, Ca


Discover How Walnut Personal Trainer Attains Mind Boggling Success that Has The Experts Scratching Their Heads                         


      Lose 20lbs in 12 Weeks... Guaranteed


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Eric Bonilla

Walnut Personal Fitness trainer

Walnut Ca  91789

 With our revolutionary  Women's fat Loss training programs  you will lose 20lbs of fat in 12 weeks  or your money back.


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I lost over 20lbs in 12 weeks and shed  tons of inches from all areas of my body.

I'm finally wearing jeans I haven't worn in years and, I even lost inches around

my face - "No more Chins for me:)"                                    Renee  Rorabaugh

                                                                                              Walnut, Ca


Our exclusive training techniques targets problem areas, and takes out all the guess work to achieving the body you've always imagined.

Expect to wear your skinny jeans that have been sitting in your closet, or  the little black dress you haven't worn in years.

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I shed inches and fat from all my problem areas toned my arms and legs

I feel better, i have more confidence, and I love the workouts-

Always different, and fun       Valerie Goyer  Diamond Bar, Ca


Don't cancel  beach trips or vacations because you don't want to wear a bathing suit, or can't find an outfit that fits right.

We will literally teach you how to become a fat burning machine. 

You will learn strategies to elevate your metabolism permanetly. 

You will lose fat from hips, waist,  legs, and belly.

You will burn bodyfat, speed your metabolism, get more energy, gain better balance, coordination, power, and learn strategies to lose fat forever

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"I lost over 60lbs, I'm confident, energized, and

 I finally  wear my skirt's and skinny jeans."

Angela J.  Pomona Ca                  





I lost over 40lbs. I had tried everything in the past.

Nothing seemed to work. The workouts are fun, always different

Premier Sport & Fitness changed my Life  

Virginia Aragon   Phillips Ranch Ca


Olivia Bravo, La Puente, Ca  - Case Study

      Before                                   After

I've lost a total of 16lbs and shed inches from my hips, waist, and thighs. I was looking for a fun, intense workout, and I've certainly found it. Walnut Women's Bootcamp is awesome

                                                      Olivia Bravo La Puente,Ca






I lost 25lbs and 7 inches. I haven't been this weight since my first child. I'm  wearing jeans that have

been buried in my closet for ages. I reccommend  Premier Sport & Fitness, Walnut Women's boootcamp

to everyone who wants great results   Jennifer Christ  Diamond Bar, Ca




 What’s amazing … is a majority of the people I work with didn’t believe they could attain a killer body…I  had the ability to transform them into a toned & tightened condition in  a matter of weeks… their close family and friends had to look twice 



Because of  all  the  “Biggest Loser” type transformations   the demand for my services  expanded beyond what I had the ability to handle



This is what I did…



I systemized my workouts into “The Women's  Fat Loss System”  and  assembled  a  group of  incredibly talented trainers who use the  precise training systems that have achieved  amazing results for my clients consistently  every time.



My program  is for people with “Mediocre “ or “Less than Mediocre genetics.







I Lost 12lbs, 15 1/2 inches, and 2 percent bodyfat, and feel better than I've ever felt.

Thanks Walnut Women's Bootcamp                        Denys Culpepper , Walnut, Ca


The program is a combination of the latest in Science  along with  exciting and  tough “classic”  training programs to make your body change at a faster pace.



We  establish the right frame of mind, energy levels and incredible motivation along with great instruction and  unbelievable support to create a training experience with unstoppable results.( What this means-  No Matter what your starting point is – You will look amazing)




We  are always changing training programs to ensure the workouts stay fresh , and your body is constantly “guessing” so you make constant progress at a accelerated  pace…



Here’s what you receive with our "Women's Fat Loss System"


Weekly Fitness Training Workouts- You’ll get  expert supervision on all training sessions

that will move you in the right direction as quick as possible.



Motivation  Your Fitness  trainer  will encourage you  every session you arrive for a workout  so attaining your workout goals will be no problem( this motivation is a must to achieve your goals –without it most people will fail.




Leadership:  We’ll take you by the hand step by step through the complete  program ensuring your success.



Coaching:  We  will demonstrate how to perform every exercise  with perfect form so you get maximum benefits and stay injury free




You  can expect all the encouragement you’ll need to be successful.

Whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional  our support will give you the edge to attain

Your fitness goals. ( Studies have shown  70% of people who start exercise programs stop after 60  days) You will not be part of that statistic.



Accountability:  We have a saying at our gym “Just Show Up” because if you get to the gym you’re going to get in amazing shape- With our programs your body has no choice.



Nutritional Counseling:  Finally learn  strategies that will actually turn your body into a fat burning machine. There are actually foods that speed your metabolism and burn fat while you sleep



Exciting Workouts: If you like what you’re doing chances are you’ll stay with it.

That’s why we make our workouts fun and always different.  Finally, love your workouts.



 We are the only gym in the area offering a unique blend of training methods including kettlebells, odd object lifts, olympic lifts, crossfit, and functional training.

 Obesity among Americans is at epidemic proportions. We have sedentary lifestyles with too  much sitting and no activity. So we see no reason to sit you down again in a machine and count reps.



 If this sounds like sports performance training you are right.We think there is little difference in the training.

Both general fitness clients & athletes are training to become functional, better balanced,coordinated etc. 

  Fernando Almario  West Covina, Ca  Case Study

 Before                                      After

Work in progress - Stay Tuned

 Whether  you are playing on a football field, playing with your grand children, or trying to fit in your favorite jeans-  Better performance is the goal , and Premier Sport & Fitness delivers big time!

Our training center like our training philosophy is different than other Walnut training facilities in the area.

Our facility is not filled with machines.

There is open space for our exclusive  methods of  Women's Fat Loss Training 


Weekend warriors, general fitness clients, athletes, seniors,and kids come to Premier Sport & Fitness to get in the best shape of their lives, and feel great.

We prepare you for everyday life and activities such as running, golfing,biking, or any other sport or activity you might participate in.

We pride ourselves on being a personal gym where everyone knows your name and all workout programs are individualized and fun. We make sure you are active and on your feet burning bodyfat.

 If you are serious about achieving results, and accomplishing your goals please contact us.  We want to hear from you.   


  Shante Broadus  Diamond Bar, Ca   

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I lost 13lbs in 6 weeks . I'm fitting in clothes I haven't worn in years

My Body fat dropped 2% and my energy levels elevated.                     

                                    Cindy Ryniak

                                     Walnut, Ca 


I'm a Shao-Lin Kung Fu practitioner and instructor for over 12 years.  I was looking for a workout that would increase my stamina, endurance, strength, explosive power, and agility all in one. 

Prior to coming to Premier Sport and Fitness I had my weight training days and cardio days on top of my martial arts training which took up lots of time. 

I am now able to do everything I want in a single trip to Eric.  I came to Eric in decent shape but have since dropped body fat and leaned out. 

In just a few months I've seen increases in my endurance, strength, explosive power, and agility that was impossible to acheive with just weight training alone. 

There has not been a single easy workout...each one has challenged me and pushed me to my physical and mental limits! 

This place is no joke.  Save the people
watching and fancy outfits for the corporate sport gyms,come here to really work out. 

With Erics experience, he can cater to anyone's age and level of fitness.

                                                     Jeremy Wang Irvine Ca


       BEFORE                                                          AFTER




I came to know Eric Bonilla after my family physician informed me around the turn of the new year that unless I proved to him otherwise, that I was certifiably diabetic.  My blood sugar level had spiked to a level of 262; my cholesterol level had risen to a level of 242 (HDL = 42; LDL = 149); I weighed 228 pounds (5’11”).  I was looking at some drastic measures even though I had never thought I was in that seriously bad a situation.  OK, maybe I was a little pudgy but other people were the ones who were out of shape.  I mean, as for me, I was fine, just look at how athletic my son was!  At a football banquet at Bishop Amat HS a client of Eric’s, Joan Wiederholt, was passing out a flyer informing the young football players of an athletic trainer in the area (Eric) who could meet the needs of aspiring and committed athletes.  I inquired with Joan, who told me that he could work with civilians like me.  I called Eric and set up an appointment.


Eric immediately was able to see what I really needed: a workout regimen that would help me become leaner but not bulkier; a workout environment that was easily accessible to someone with a busy schedule; and a workout supervisor who could quickly and effectively demonstrate exercises and tailor a routine specific to my needs.  What clinched the deal as far as I was concerned was a little cartoon that Eric has mounted on his office wall.  It depicted a doctor conferring with a bit of an unresponsive patient.  The doctor inquired: “What would fit better in your schedule, exercising one hour a day or being dead twenty four hours a day?”  I began seeing Eric three days a week starting the middle of January 2007


Eric has provided me with a great variety of exercise routines, some of which I would never have been able to devise.  Who would think of carrying a beer keg filled with water, or doing lunges with a beer keg, or dragging weights attached to a rope, or hurling a medicine ball against a wall, or pounding the hugest automobile tire with a sledgehammer?  Yet no matter how bizarre sounding some of the workout activities seemed at first, you could feel them working on your basic core muscles.  The variations of each activity just made everything more active and interesting.  Going to Eric’s place to workout was never a boring, monotonous bit of drudgery.


As a high school instructor I often looked on Eric and his activities from the point of view of a teacher.  He established a regimen of differentiated instruction that was particular to my needs.  It was impressive to see Eric juggle the workouts simultaneously of a couple of clients of different abilities.  I am thankful for the individualized routines that he designed for me.  As an example of this he saw early on that I was not the most flexible of a man.  We have ended all of our workouts with him twisting me this way and that to the point that I am capable of doing so many more types of activities because my body is capable of a much wider range of motion.  He has helped me to maintain my diet and keep my enthusiasm at a high level.  He monitored my progress and suggested specific alternatives to my diet and how to best find the times I needed to eat during the day at school.  I am so grateful to Eric Bonilla.


As for me, I am a continuing success story.  I still have a long way to go but after my most recent checkup in May of 2007 with my doctor, I weigh 209 pounds and now have hope to weigh less than 200 pounds for the first time in 16 years; my blood sugar has been cut in half to a glucose count of 131; my cholesterol has dropped to 117 (HDL has risen to 43; LDL has dropped to 53).  My clothes fit better; I am more active and more apt to go out with my family.  I am excited about the future and owe a great debt of gratitude to Eric Bonilla

                                                                     Patrick Tierney

                                                                        Covina Ca





After only 8 weeks I lost 16lbs

and 13 inches

                    Dardie Bonilla

                    Walnut, Ca


                        Lose 20lbs in 12weeks... Guaranteed 

                                You can reach us by phone at

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                            We feel we are the best and worth it!



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