Eric Bonilla for the last fifteen years has been involved in helping people reach their fitness & athletic goals. Through scientifically based programs Eric has helped numerous clients and athletes achieve their goals. From having more energy to playing with their kids to jumping above the rim to snag a rebound.

 Eric has helped many people at all levels achieve their fitness and athletic goals.

Through the years in this field Eric has been recognized as a Sports Performance  Specialist andclub coach by USA weightlifting. He also has ben recognized by National Strength & Conditioning Association and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Eric literally has spent thousands of dollars and hours on continuing education, reading journals, books, and traveling to conferences all over the country looking for the best possible methods  and techniques to get clients the edge over their competion, and help them look and feel great.

Eric started  training at a young age for sports He was determined to get stronger and faster to compete at a high level.He played football, baseball, and soccer in high school, and went on to play baseball in college.

Because Eric has competed in several different sports baseball bodybuilding, soccer, basketball, football, Eric has extensive background to help athletes as well as general fitness clients achieve their goals.

He has spent hundreds of hours training athletes and general fitness clients and has learned what works  and what doesn't work.

Eric has been able to develop programs that get results guaranteed

Eric has developed proven training systems for fitness as well as sports performance clients that get results quickly and safely. 

Our fitness programs get people moving and out of their chairs. People sit to much. So we think it is very important that people aren't sitting in machines when they come to the gym.


 Eric Bonilla available for speaking engagements & interviews.

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